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Solar Water Heater working principle:

 The system consists of flat plate solar collector and highly insulated water tank. The collector is designed such that the cold water entering is heated up when sunshine falls on it. The heated hot water moves up and stored in the insulated water tank due to the decrease of density, the fresh water reaches the solar collector by thermosyphoning (Natural Flow). This process carries automatically till the sunshine is available. The hot water stored in the tank will have a heat retention for three days.

Technical Specifications:

Absorber                -    Copper black chrome selective coating (Nalsun)

Collector Box          -    Powder Coated Black

No. of fins               -    10 fins

Fin Type                 -    Deep serrated fins to increase surface area of 10 to 15 %

Top Cover/ Glazing  -    Toughened Glass 4mm thick

Insulation               -     Rockwool 48 kg/ density for colletor

                                   & 100 kg/ for Tank

Inner & Outer Tank  -    Stainless Steel 304 Grade

InnerTank Welding  -     Tig welding to prevent corrosion

Sacrificial Anode Rod -  Incorporated for Hard water




  • Substantial savings in Electricity

  • Payback back period with in 2 to 3 years

  • 24 hours hot water supply (on conditions)

  • No maintenance and operating cost

  • Heat retention for 48 hours

  • Safe and Long life for 20 years

  • 100% depreciation benefit for industries 

  • Soft loan available at low interest on selected banks



  • Residents

  • Hotels

  • Lodges

  • Hostels

  • Hospitals

  • Dairy Industry

  • Dyeing Industry

  • Food processing Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry



One of the biggest Solar water Heating System

installed  20,000 LPD at Tirupur, Tamilnadu