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Solar Street Lights:

                                 The CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) street light fitting is mostly used in outdoor application. Usually in street lighting systems, lamps like mercuy lamp, Hologen lamp, and Metal Halide lamps are used. Those lamps consumes not less than 150 Watts per hour. Nowadays CFL lamps are used in all indoor applications. SUNLIT has developed CFL Street lights exclusively for out door applications. It is fabricated with an aluminum casing incorporated with 4 No's of 11 Watt CFL with a technology valued electronic circuit with additional features. CFL street lights operates from DUSK to Dawn operation. The system is incorporated with a Light sensor for switching ON and switching OFF. Light fitting can be fixed to the existing poles and can be fixed on the wall with additional clamps. Light gives the brightness upto 40 feet Radius.


Solar Home Lights:

Solar Domestic light becomes a handy stand by power system for various in-house application. The uniqueness of this system is that it can be powered from the Sun therefore a free source of energy can be made use effectively. It can be used in Hotels, Hospitals, Shops, Hostels, Schools, Offices, remore area where there is no electricity.



Solar Lantern:

Solar Lantern is widely used in villages and Hill areas. Now a days solar lanterns are very popular in urban areas also. Solar lantern replaces existing hurricane lamps and conventional emergency lights. Lanterns are used in Hospitals, Canteens, Shops, Houses, hotels and Road side traders.