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Trolley type Cabinet Drier

Vermicelli & Noodles drying


 Trolley type Bin Drier

(Chillies drying)


Mini Cabinet Tray Drier

(Banana drying)


Mini Cabinet Tray Drier

(Herbs drying)



           We are Designing and fabricating different types of economical and energy efficient solar assisted Dryers as per the customer's specific requirement for various drying applications. 

            Normally we are supplying Tray type cabinet dryer, Tray type Tunnel dryer, Trolley type Tunnel dryer, Bin dryer, Vertical type "V" Port dryer, Conveyor type continuous dryer and FBD dryer. 

            If any customer wants to dry any new products we will do the R& D on that specific product drying and will develop the new custom designed drier also. 

Trolley type Bin Drier

(Chillies drying)

Conveyor Drier

(Fabric drying)

Trolley Type Tunnel Drier

(Vegetables & Herbs drying)

Cabinet type Tray Drier

(Vegetables & Fish drying)