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ATR SOLAR (INDIA), we are one of the leading renewable energy based company, located at MADURAI, TAMILNADU, SOUTH INDIA, a group of well-experienced, dynamic and active engineers. Our ultimate aim is exploration of  potentials of Renewable Energy Sources mainly on Solar Thermal Energy, throughout India as well as the Globe to make the world Greener.


Latest News: Central Government Subsidy:  Ministry of New and Renewable Energy - MNRE, Govt. of India, is providing a Capital subsidy of Rs.2,400/- per for the installation of Flat Plate Collector based Solar air heating system for various drying applications.



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                        ATR SOLAR (INDIA) is mainly promoting the  Roof  Integrated  Solar  Air   Heating Systems   for   various   industrial   drying applications  with  the  different  temperature ranges (Hot air temperature from 45 deg C to 95 deg C) and the Tunnel type Solar Air Heating Systems for farmer level drying applications. Also  we are Designing & supplying various type of dryers as per the customer's specific requirements.

                          ATR SOLAR (INDIA) has recently Developed  Solar Parabolic Collector for High Temperature applications like    HOT AIR  above 100 degree C  and STEAM generation application for cooking application.

Our Other Solar Products

  • Solar Water heating systems
  • Solar Steam Cooking system
  • Solar Street lighting Systems
  • Solar Home Lighting Systems